Social Media Marketing

Social media is crucial to the success of so many companies today, and it's where we got our start at Trajex. We'll create and share content that defines and enhances your brand, bringing the WOW factor to your social feeds. Many of today's customer relationships and sales funnels begin on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like - we'll make sure the first impression is a good one.

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Social Media Marketing - Trajex Marketing Solutions

SMS Marketing

Too many organizations have overlooked the power of SMS messages for marketing, but we've seen incredible return on ad spend (ROAS) with this underutilized technique. We can help you leverage the power of your contact list with this affordable, direct, and personalized tactic! If you don't have a strong customer database already, no problem: we'll get you set up to grow one, so you're off to the right start from the beginning.

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SMS Text Message from Trajex


SEO stands for Search engine optimization and it's how you rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing for keywords related to your industry. SEO is very complicated and takes time but it is well worth the time and effort in the long run because of the amount of organic reach that it will create for your website.

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Google Search with your Company Ranked 1st

Website Design

Your website is where conversions happen. It's where clients sign up for a consultation, or customers buy products. Your marketing is most likely leading potential customers to your website, so make sure it is designed well and successfully leads its visitors to your desired conversion.

Website Design - Trajex Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing

The saying in email marketing is "there's money in the list" - and it's true! Trajex can help you design an email marketing strategy and build your contact list, or hone and refine your existing setup. Email continues to provide incredible ROI for those companies that use it well, and we can help you build a strategy that engages and converts for the long haul.

Email Marketing - Trajex Marketing Solutions

Advertising Strategy

Every business has a unique customer or client base. Reaching yours requires an individualized strategy to target them effectively. Trajex will work with you to find your company’s most receptive audience and determine the most cost-efficient and successful ways of reaching them.

Advertising - Trajex Marketing Solutions

Brand Identity

Your brand is who you are as a company. It's not only your logo, fonts, and color palette... it's also your story, your personality and your why. Trajex will work with you to build every aspect of your brand.

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Want to better understand your audience and the content that's most impactful for them? Our experienced data team designs sophisticated tests and analytical frameworks to provide you with a top-quality look at what's working, and what could be improved. With Trajex, you get remarkable depth of insight at a surprisingly affordable rate.

Analytics - Trajex Marketing Solutions

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