How An SEO Agency Can Help Your Startup

We’ve seen it too many times before: a startup that’s focused hard on building an amazing offering, but doesn't plan effectively for marketing. In the rush to get the product right, it’s easy to feel as though diverting any resources away from the primary offering is a waste of money, not to mention time and mental focus. But this isn’t true! The most successful companies are those that design marketing and product in tandem, rather than switching into marketing later on. If you aren’t an expert in today’s digital marketing strategies, however, it can be tough to know how to launch your brand on the right foot. So why does YOUR startup need SEO?

Well, here’s an honest answer: it might not. At least not right away. For some companies, SEO isn’t a critical need early on, and it makes more sense to invest in pay per click ads, social media, or even offline strategies. However, for the vast majority of businesses, SEO will eventually become indispensable for generating that which is the lifeblood of modern brands: organic web traffic. 

Can’t I Just Handle SEO Myself?

Some of the demands of SEO are fairly straightforward and even intuitive, but others are complex and require an experienced hand. That’s where an SEO agency can be very helpful! The fundamental goal of SEO is to rank higher on search engines for the keywords that matter to your startup. When a potential client searches for a term that’s relevant to your company, you want to show up as high on the page as possible. 

Unfortunately, this is not easy. You’ll need to leverage 3 basic strategies to rank up: On page, off page, and technical SEO. Because it’s the broadest topic, we’ve covered off-page SEO in our previous post, but the others are equally important. On-page SEO is the process of optimizing all your website’s copy and imagery for maximum search engine ranking potential, and technical SEO involves the detailed back end work of ensuring that your web pages are likely to be ranked high through tweaks in code, formatting adjustments, and mobile optimization, for example. A good agency can help you see your weaknesses, take care of technical and on-page issues you’d hardly thought of, build quality links, and in some cases even create content for your site.

The process of optimizing your website for search engine traffic tends to be an ongoing one as well. SEO requires continuous improvement, and a skilled agency will also stay on top of changes in the tactics needed to grow or maintain high rankings.

How to Grow Organic Traffic through SEO

As your website becomes increasingly well-optimized for search engines (which typically takes 6-12 months), you’ll begin to generate free, organic traffic! For most startups, nothing is more important than users finding you on their own, with buying intent. When they discover you in this way, your odds of closing a sale go up, because the client wanted to find you or something very similar. 

To get to this point, however, you’ll likely need detailed technical SEO, a fully optimized on-page experience for website visitors, and strong content to generate interest and clicks. Most important of all, you’ll need a healthy roster of links back to your website from outside your business. Google ranks a company higher when they have thousands of links from well-respected websites. Links can come from business listing websites, your content being shared on social media or in guest posts for blogs, referral sites, and many others. Quality links also help in a more direct way: If you’re sharing great content and it’s being picked up by others, you’ll generate traffic directly from the links, not just from Google ranking you up! This is why it makes a difference to produce great content - more ways for people to find you and take interest in what your startup is all about. 

Something else to consider: instead of wracking your brain coming up with blog articles, tweets, and written content on your own, it can be a great move to outsource content writing. An agency or freelancer can bring a fresh perspective to your content and free up your startup leadership's mental space to focus on other critical tasks. While it's easy to assume that you should write everything yourself, (and you may still need to make edits here and there or suggest ideas occasionally to make sure the material fits your branding) outsourcing content writing can be a gamechanger for your SEO.

Growing organic traffic is one of the most important things a startup has to do, and it’s often wise to start early with an SEO strategy. At Trajex, we don’t recommend SEO for everyone, but we’ll provide a free audit for your startup and share our professional opinion of whether you should begin investing in this critical area. We know that the cost of search engine optimization services can be a real concern, so we provide a highly affordable option for startups that still has a major impact. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our SEO page or schedule a free consultation. We’d love to speak with you and help you figure out the best marketing strategy for your startup!

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