Facebook in 2022 - Still a Powerful Startup Channel!

For a lot of ambitious entrepreneurs, Facebook doesn’t seem like it holds their target audience. You might even be tempted to ignore it entirely. This, however, could result in leaving many potential customers behind! Facebook might not have the trendiness or clout of TikTok and Instagram, but it remains a core social media giant with hundreds of millions of active users. If you’re going to implement a Facebook marketing strategy, however, you’ll need to understand the audience. We’ll get into the demographics and describe some best practices!

  1. Age: Facebook users are older, on average. You know this, of course: your grandma is posting recipes on Facebook, and many posts and ads are targeted at older people. What people forget is that wage is strongly correlated with wealth. You might not be thinking your target audience is older, but they may well be the customers who have the cash to spend on your product or service.
  1. Focus: Facebook is text heavy. While Instagram is all about the image, and TikTok thrives on short, fun video, Facebook involves a lot of reading by comparison (along with images and video). Use this to your advantage! You can afford to put more text into the headings of posts, because people are more likely to read it on this platform. Are you selling a B2B service that involves a lot of complexity? Facebook may be a strong platform for you to share more detail on social media that you could in most other contexts.
  1. Activity shifts: Despite recent declines in raw numbers, Facebook remains full of highly engaged individuals. What many of your competitors may have missed is the shift to Facebook groups. These communities, made up of thousands or tens of thousands of people, can be incredibly niche. No matter how specific your target audience, there’s almost certainly a Facebook group centering that group of people. Jump into a group, make some friends, and find the opportunities to share what you have to offer!

As with any social media strategy, consistency is key. Fully update your company profile and start sharing posts right away. Run a few ads, and boost posts that appear to be performing well organically. Share valuable content, attractive images, and useful information. Remember, your Facebook audience is more likely to actually read it and learn something! We’ll get into more specifics with ads and boosts in a later post. 

Our advice? Don’t give up on Facebook. We still use it for all of our clients, and we continue to see value in the platform. 

If you’re looking for help setting up your social media strategy, the Trajex team is ready to help. Schedule a meeting using our calendar below to get started!

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