SMS Marketing Part 4: Creative Applications for SMS

We’ve covered many aspects of SMS marketing, from building an audience to execution. Still not sure how this highly cost-efficient tactic can be used by your business? Read on for some specific applications!

  1. Automation is a massive opportunity to use SMS to improve conversions and customer satisfaction. When a customer makes a purchase from your ecommerce site, downloads a whitepaper, or sets up a meeting in your calendar, you can have them receive an automated text thanking them for their business and providing the next useful piece of information. These kinds of texts can be used in all kinds of related applications, letting customers know when their bill is due, their package has arrived, it’s time for a software upgrade, or a safety alert. The options are endless, but these texts can be great for essentially any situation where a relatively impersonal message can provide immediate value.
  2. For a B2C company, a special, limited time sale can be a chance to generate incredible ROI with an SMS campaign. Set a very narrow time window for your discount code to be active, perhaps an hour or even less, make the deal truly outstanding, and send a high-energy message informing your customers of this incredible deal happening right now. We helped the DIFFERENCE do this on several occasions and each time it worked incredibly well, with ad spend positively crushed by the amount of revenue coming in. These kinds of flash sales are often most effective when paired with a social media and email announcement as well - people might not see them as fast, but you can cover all your bases that way! By making sure your followers are engaged on social media and intensely following you, they’re more likely to jump at an unexpected special opportunity they get in their text inbox.
  3. Here’s a B2B example: Are you running Google Meet conferences, e-seminars, or other programs that inform potential customers about your product? Sending a quick SMS message with a brief description and a link to join the meeting can be a great way to engage business leaders who might otherwise have been distracted with regard to your company. 
  4. Another potential option for B2B companies is to send carefully segmented messages to your audience providing them with a valuable piece of information that only your company can provide. Let’s say your company is designing software that tracks user activity for a particular industry and you’ve learned a singularly fascinating fact in the course of research. Send your audience that fact - make the reader raise an eyebrow and think “my team could use that kind of information over here!” You’ve piqued their interest and given them another reason to start a deeper conversation with you.
  5. For a startup, time and money are always pressing issues. Take advantage of that with targeted, time-sensitive SMS campaigns. If you’re running a Kickstarter or GoFundMe, send a text to your followers on the last day - maybe more than one! Remind them that this is their chance to support their favorite startup. You can do the same thing for small-dollar investment rounds or special opportunities for early-stage supporters.
  6. What about nonprofits? There’s potential here too. If your organization seeks end-of-year donations, send out a message to your supporters reminding them where and how they can give to you. You can also send out a thoughtful, if brief, thank you message when they do so. Need volunteers for an upcoming event? An SMS campaign on Friday night might get a few people out of bed for Saturday to help out!

With any luck, you’ve gotten some potentially useful ideas out of this series. Here at Trajex, we wish you all the best in your SMS marketing efforts (as well as all the rest!) and hope you can find a way to make the most of this underutilized technique.

If you’re looking for more ideas, or an expert team to help you put together some new marketing plans for your company, we’d be honored to help out. Show us your vision, and we’ll do something awesome (and profitable) with it!

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Tyler Smith
CEO and Co-Founder
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