Brand Building With Social Media Marketing: The Power of Instagram

Instagram is Different than other Platforms

When you create and begin growing a startup, you’re presented with a remarkable array of choices and advice with regard to social media marketing. Some will say to invest in Google Ads, or LinkedIn, or email marketing, or one of any number of other channels. There’s a time and place for all of those, but for many B2C founders the best move is to launch your brand on Instagram. Case in point: our client the DIFFERENCE focused primarily on Instagram when they released their one of a kind heelless technology sneakers and generated substantial revenue from that platform. It didn’t happen overnight, but the platform’s advantages made it a natural fit for the company.

What Makes Instagram Different

Some advantages of establishing your brand’s presence on Instagram: The platform is well respected and very heavily trafficked. It’s highly image-dependent, encouraging the use of amazing art and photography. If your startup is inclined in that direction, Instagram branding could be a key resource. It’s also has solid built-in ecommerce options and an effective ads platform (which can simultaneously run ads on Facebook as well, since both are owned by Meta). Instagram is also a great place to form marketing partnerships with other brands, and to build an audience that’s deeply engaged in what you have to offer. Your followers can end up being as excited about your success as you are!

Our Tips for Establishing Your Brand on Instagram

So just how do you get started running a successful social media branding campaign on Instagram? 

  1. The same thing we tell EVERYONE - define your brand, and choose your target audience! When you post on Instagram, each post needs to grow, enhance, and remain aligned with the overall way you want your company to be perceived. By figuring this aspect out first, you’ll be able to avoid wasting time with posts that don’t really fit and that the audience may find off-putting.
  2. Start posting regularly. This is probably the number-one thing we hear from founders and business leaders: “I know I should post more on social media, but I haven’t been consistent.” Failure to post consistently is unfortunately a major cause of stagnant growth and founder disillusionment with brand building on social media. A great way to keep yourself accountable is to create a calendar and a schedule for yourself. Make posting on Instagram a regular part of your routine, and pretty soon you’ll be doing it regularly. Exactly how often you post can vary depending on your business - some companies can post once a week, others need to post several times weekly (which is what we did for Cooper Mountain Contracting) or even more than once a day in some cases.
  3. Follow the trends and stay up to date with how Instagram posting is changing. Are many companies in your industry talking about a particular issue? You can share your unique take. Is a particular hashtag trending? Use it cleverly to show your brand is firmly engaged in popular culture.
  4. Use only good quality images. Don’t settle for photos or graphics that are less than beautiful. Instagram’s users have high standards, seeing professionally edited posts every day. Your material doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect, but it does have to be attractive, eye-catching, and relevant to the audience, without being too obviously amateurish. 
  5. Run a few low-cost ads to put your best work in front of potential followers. If you’ve got a killer product and fantastic creative material to showcase it, putting up some ads using the Meta Ads Manager will draw in followers and kickstart your growth.
  6. Turn followers into customers! You can announce product launches, get people to become email or SMS subscribers, and build up passion and loyalty over time. By keeping your audience continuously engaged, you’ll have their full attention when you want to run a big campaign. Using Instagram in conjunction with email and SMS marketing, we once helped a client achieve an unbelievable 100:1 return on ad spend.

Don't Hesitate to Ask Trajex for Help

We get that this might all sound a little overwhelming. If you’re looking for some help, or even just some advice to get started, don’t hesitate to set up a free consultation with our team. We can guide you through the process and help your startup run an incredible brand building campaign on Instagram - or any other social media platform!

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