Trajex Drives Sales

Maybe you need to move product. ​Or inspire new readers. Or drive traffic to your non-profit.​ Or blow your customer's minds with your incredible new technology.​ Whatever you're trying to accomplish in today's competitive business landscape, you need more than a killer product, idea, or service. You need a marketing strategy. That's where Trajex steps in. ​

In the span of 4 months, we increased our first client's sales by 1400% per month, website traffic by 2600%, and social media post views by a remarkable 56,000%, all at a marketing cost totaling less than 15% of revenue.

How did we do it? By creating collaborative marketing campaigns, deftly applying paid social marketing, and utilizing every strategy available to support the campaign, from paid partnerships to email marketing and beyond. Want to get your business moving? We can do it for you too!

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