Personalized Support

At Trajex, we believe that starting an effective social media campaign begins with you: your company, your goals, and the messages you want to send. Our team will meet with you at your convenience to ascertain the direction you want your business' marketing to go. In other words, we want to really get you!

Our commitment to client support doesn't end with initial setup, though. We have a remarkably paced communication turnaround time: if you need rapid changes or a strategic pivot, we will make it happen - fast.

We'll develop your strategy and content based on those conversations. In addition, if you ever have a question or want to re-assess your strategy, we'll happily respond to all your concerns and work with you on a continual basis. We know that successful marketing plans are collaborative, and we always want to hear your thoughts!

Analytics & Reporting

We recognize that the most important aspect of any marketing campaign is return on investment. To that end, Trajex provides regular reports highlighting what we've done for you, with a focus on cost/benefit analysis. After all, you're spending money on marketing. You need a team with integrity to show that it's well spent. Affordability only makes sense in the context of a strategy that's performing, so if you need a change, we'll be the first to recommend one to you! Our reporting depends on deep quantitative data to generate insights regarding the best use of your advertising dollars and campaign focus, so your days of guessing what works and what doesn't are over!

Need even more detailed analytics? Our team can provide top shelf statistical breakdowns to help you understand your audience from both a granular and macro-perspective, everything from A/B tests of minute content tweaks to regression analysis of vast data sets. We've even laid groundwork for the study of diminishing marginal utility - the ultimate tool for a growing company on a tight budget.

Analytics from Ads
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Updates & Advertising

Once we have a strategy in place for you, we will begin the implementation process. We'll integrate in the systems you already have in place, update as necessary, and begin the setup process for each new marketing tactic. You'll be well informed along the way, so you'll always know exactly what's going on. We don't waste time getting started: when we worked with news giant Patch Media, we were able to post 60+ stories per day on day 1.

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