Sports Medicine the DIFFERENCE - The World’s First Heelless Shoe Brand

Sports Medicine the DIFFERENCE

Project Summary

When we started with the DIFFERENCE in July 2020, they had no marketing strategy - period! They had a decent quality e-commerce website and a full inventory of their incredible product, but no active social media or any other online marketing direction. Sales were a trickle, mostly from referrals and the odd Google search.

Sports Medicine the DIFFERENCE - The World’s First Heelless Shoe Brand

Project Details

The first thing we did was begin updating Instagram and Facebook, using their vast collection of photos and images from their archive to create engaging, attractive posts.  We watched sales begin to grow as we continued to put up our posts, and, encouraged by our early results, owner Olguy Songolo hired a PPC specialist to run his own set of campaigns alongside everything we were doing.

For Black Friday 2020, we went all out with a huge campaign offering a substantial discount. We leveraged social media aggressively for this campaign, with a huge amount of hype and buildup. In addition to the ongoing regular posts and a big boost, we leveraged email marketing to reach the DIFFERENCE’s loyal customers, and sponsored posts in particular Instagram groups that included our target audience. The campaign was a massive success, achieving 14x average monthly revenue and a profit margin of over 60% on the sales. We followed up this success in December with an SMS and social media-based flash sale: shoes were offered at very low prices for only 30 minutes. Customers purchased in droves, and that month we achieved 10x average monthly revenue. 

After a brief dip in January, we watched sales continue to climb through much of 2021, as we continued to post daily on Instagram and Facebook. 

Our team did more than just create great social media posts, though: we got Olguy onto a reality TV show releasing in 2022, a local business podcast, and entered into two pitch contests, one of which he won! (We even helped write the pitch!)

During the summer of 2021, the DIFFERENCE wanted to design and launch a new, all-black shoe. Unfortunately, costs were prohibitively high due to pandemic-related restrictions and looming inflation. To cover some of the burden, we wrote and launched a Kickstarter campaign. This was supported with email marketing, social media, and SMS campaigns all at the appropriate moments, and led to the campaign’s success. The black shoes are now complete, and will be released at a secret date in 2022!

More recently, we helped the DIFFERENCE run another flash sale in November 2021. This campaign was another resounding success, with return on ad spend at a phenomenal 100:1. As 2022 builds toward the retail season, we've been assisting with strategy and grant opportunities.

When the DIFFERENCE needs to draw in clicks, move products, or get industry leaders to take a closer look, they know the team to call!

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