Margarita Muniz Academy

Margarita Muniz Academy

Project Summary

When Cecilia Soriano, Director of Development for Margarita Muniz Academy hired us, the Academy’s online presence was in disarray. The beautiful Innovation School, which serves a 95% minority, underprivileged population, struggled with awareness in the local donor community. This was a particular travesty given the school’s unique vision: the Academy is a bilingual high school teaching every class in both English and Spanish. At the time of graduation (the rate of which is remarkable given the location and population), all students are fluent bilingually in every school subject, and many have gone on to college and career success.

Unfortunately, no one was posting regularly on social media, emails being sent to donors were unattractive and overly wordy, and growth was stagnant. There were many donation drives planned, but no strategy for getting the word out.

Margarita Muniz Academy

Project Details

We began by cleaning up their social media, improving the logo, and scheduling regular posts through their platform, Constant Contact. A few weeks in, we began a Facebook PPC campaign targeting the community to increase likes on the page and drive awareness of the school’s mission. Beautiful, straightforward emails also began going out to donors, a particularly important operation as the school was entering the end-of-year season when donations are critically important. We ran campaigns for Giving Tuesday, a shoe drive, and a craft festival, among others. In each case, we visually showcased the unique appeal of each event to delight and inspire readers.

By the end of 2021, after about 3 months, the Academy had brought in 11 new donors. This marked an extremely meaningful increase for this small, little-known school, and the director of development could hardly have been more delighted with the Trajex team, and in particular the account manager she was working with. 

Most recently, we created a broad media strategy for 2022, so we’re going into this year with a plan and a sense of direction! We love working with nonprofits that we believe in, and providing them with top-notch service.

Shoe Drive Ad for Margarita Muniz Academy
Shoe Drive Ad for Margarita Muniz Academy
Shoe Drive Ad for Margarita Muniz Academy
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