Cooper Mountain Contracting

Cooper Mountain Contracting

Project Summary

Based outside Philadelphia, Cooper Mountain Contracting designs beautiful gardens and permaculture landscapes, and runs maintenance programmes for customers in their area. In spring 2021, they were struggling to keep up with a consistent social media presence, and their website was badly in need of renovation - particularly with regard to the clarity of ad copy.

Cooper Mountain Contracting

Project Details

Taking over Instagram and Facebook, we began to post regularly for them, using a combination of their photo archive, photos we took ourselves, and stock imagery. Instagram impressions in particular shot up wildly, as they’d been underutilizing that platform. We worked closely with owner Brandon Cooper to understand what he wanted his followers to see on social media.

Our next step was to begin improving the website. We needed Cooper Mountain’s readers to understand the fundamentals of permaculture, so we added a whole page of information on the topic, and re-wrote much of the copy throughout the site. A gallery of photos was added, and highly descriptive new pages created for each service the company provided.

We made one other big change to the website: Brandon wanted an e-commerce option, a way for his readers to engage with the site by building their own garden with the choices he provided. The beautiful end result was a fun, interactive page where potential clients chose every aspect of their garden, including the type of wood around the raised bed, herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables, and more. Once they pressed submit, the information would be compiled into an email and sent to the owner. 

Through our work, Cooper Mountain was fully set up to compete in their region!

Build Your Dream Garden Website Page for Cooper Mountain Contracting
Build Your Dream Garden Website Page for Cooper Mountain Contracting. Garden Options Image
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