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Good Branding is Essential to Your Success

A strong and cohesive brand will catch the attention of potential customers and earn their trust instantly.

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Our Branding Services

A brand is much more than a logo! Here is everything we will do for you when you choose Trajex to build your brand:

Target Market Notes

Brand Check-Up

Whether your business just launched or has been around for years and needs a refresh, we always start with a brand check-up or audit. This is where we gain an understanding of your business’ goals, look at your online presence and clarify the direction you want to go.

Target Market

We’ll help you establish and define your core audience, so we can use that to give direction to the rest of the branding process.

Mission and Vision

We’ll work with you to create a mission and vision statement which tells you, your employees, and your customers who you are as a company and why you do what you do.

Brand Personality and Voice

It’s important to develop a brand personality and a brand voice. Need an example? Check out the Wendy’s Twitter account or Nike’s Instagram. They’ve got a defined way of communicating that’s recognizable and consistent, and we’ll help you do the same.

Visual Identity

Here’s what everyone thinks of first when it comes to branding (and it’s still key!): Establishing visual identity, which includes a logo system, your brand colors, your fonts and a guide for where and how to use them, and your overall design style.

Social Account Update

We’ll help you update your social media accounts with new profile pictures, cover photos and banners to match your brand.

Brand Consistency

Why Your Branding Matters

Your business can’t go far without branding, because it provides a guide or template for almost everything that your company does. Without established branding, customers won’t be sure of what they’re getting from you, and growth can be very challenging.

Gain Trust

Have you ever seen a logo or a website or an ad for a company and instantly felt like they weren’t trustworthy or couldn’t offer a good product or service just because of low quality or inconsistent design? An appealing and reliable brand identity not only prevents people from thinking like this about your business, but it influences people to form a positive association with the products or services your company brings to the table.

Be Recognized

You know how people say, “If I saw their face, I’d remember them”? Brands are similar! The best brands can be recognized without even showing the name of the company. Look at Apple, Mastercard, Facebook, Adidas, and plenty more. We design your logo system with the future in mind so that as you grow and become more well known, your logo can adapt with you.

Be Consistent

Everything your business does needs to be on brand. The style of your social media posts, ads and your website should all look like they came from the same company. The way you treat customers should be consistent throughout your business too, and even the way you treat your employees should match your brand's personality and vision.

Why Trajex for Your Branding?

We work with you to build a brand that fits you and your market, just as we have for many others! Not only will you get a visually stunning, eye-catching, and memorable brand, but we’ll develop a personality for your company that helps you connect with your market on a new level.

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