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Grow your business with Boston’s best new digital marketing agency!

Are you looking to capitalize on today’s trends and receive results in real-time? Our team of digital marketing experts will accelerate your success and help your business rise above the competition. Trajex keeps your marketing strategy up to the minute, using the latest techniques and tactics.

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Grow your online presence with our cutting-edge marketing services!

At Trajex, our fusion of technology and marketing expertise has grown our clients’ online presence by quadruple digits. That’s not even to mention the kinds of sales figures we’ve generated for clients! (We helped one startup achieve 10x average monthly revenue 🔥). Our cutting-edge marketing techniques in social media organic and PPC, SMS, and email marketing drives qualified traffic and help your business grow online with leads and revenue generation. 

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency built to serve startups like yours? Consider Trajex your one-stop shop, with dedicated experts in marketing strategy, branding, advertising, graphics, and web design.

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How Does Trajex Boost Your Digital Profile?

We start by familiarizing ourselves with your business values! This helps us learn how to empower your dreams of marketing success. Trajex builds an online presence for your product and services by learning your business inside and out, and implementing a carefully tailored marketing solution just for you. 

Our digital marketing experts are there to help at all times throughout every step of the journey. We pride ourselves on being available and accessible to answer your question and make changes. After all, you aren’t running a startup if you don’t have to make a gut-wrenching pivot now and then. We get it, and we’ve got your back.

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Our Digital Marketing Expertise!

Trajex offers best-in-class digital marketing services to its customers with proven results.

Social Media Marketing

Trajex helps you update and connect with your audiences. Our dedicated experts keep a keen eye on your social media presence and engagements to gather and retain customers for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Adhering to only the highest industry standards, we build and boost the online presence of your product and services. From keyword or competitor research to gaining ranks in different search engines, we are here to help.

SMS Marketing

Opt for one of the fastest and most impactful marketing techniques to scale up your sales. Trajex helps you enhance your connections and nurture loyal customers with SMS marketing.

Email Marketing

Improve your credibility, provide value, and inspire customer loyalty with interactive email campaigns. Leverage our email marketing strategies to move ahead of your competition and establish your brand identity.

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Case Studies


Seamless launch

40-60 stories edited and posted per day, no mistakes even on day 1.

Discovered Content Gaps

Discovered content gaps the internal marketing team missed, leading to immediate changes in news direction.

Laid Groundwork

Laid groundwork for diminishing marginal utility algorithm, allowing management to precisely tailor article quantities by genre for maximum CTR.

Patch Logo on Computer Screen
How we helped Patch

Case Studies

Sports Medicine The DIFFERENCE

Massive ROAS

SMS and social media campaign ROAS regularly exceeds 50:1

TV Appearance

Founder was one of 20 chosen from 5000 applicants to appear in a brand new reality TV show - Trajex sourced the opportunity and wrote the application.

Kickstarter Success

Created a successful Kickstarter campaign for a new product launch - SMS, email, social media marketing only. No PPC ads on any platform!

The Difference Logo on Computer Screen
How we helped The Difference

Case Studies

Cooper Mountain Contracting

Social Media Management

Set up professional, consistent social media management.

Website Improvements

Substantial website improvement - copywriting, editing, new pages, substantial added content value for potential clients.


Added an e-commerce platform to the website, giving clients a fun experience building their dream garden from scratch.

Cooper Mountain Contracting Logo on Computer Screen
How We Helped Cooper Mountain COntracting

Case Studies

Margarita Muniz Academy

Lead Gen Ads

Our social media lead generation ad brought in leads for $22 per lead with a lead valuation of $100 per lead.

Social Media Reach

We've increased Facebook reach by 1,100% and Instagram reach by 2,400%

Email Marketing

Created an email marketing strategy that is attractive, consistent, and converts!

Margarita Muniz Academy Logo on Computer Screen
How we helped Margarita Muniz Academy

The Trajex Take

The What, Why, and How to Your Personal Branding
The simple answer to this is you! Personal branding is your effort and conscious choice to promote and share who you are with your audience. You show your unique skills, experience, authority, story, and personality, differentiating your business from others. Your audience will get to learn what makes you and your company unique and valuable.
Use These 3 Pillars to Help You Create Consistent Social Content in 2023
Let’s be honest, creating social content can be a time-consuming task, whether it be for a client or your own personal business. It’s okay if you find yourself asking the most fundamental questions: What type of content should I create? How do I create a content plan? How can I save time on content planning? Where do I start?
Startup Branding: What it is and how to do it in 2022
If you’re reading this post, you’re no doubt familiar with the idea of “branding”. When you’re founding a new business, establishing your brand identity is one of your most critical tasks. In fact, startup branding is so key that at Trajex, we recommend figuring it out before you take any further steps in your business!
SMS Marketing: How and Why?
One of the most easily overlooked tactics in the world of digital marketing today is text messaging, usually referred to as SMS. To a lot of people, the concept itself is confusing (am I texting people who have never heard of my business before? How do I get their numbers? Is it complicated to set up?), but once you’re familiar with the basics, you’ll wonder why you didn’t implement an SMS strategy sooner. We’ve talked about SMS marketing before, but we’ll be going over some technical details here and giving a good overall look at why it’s worth considering this approach.
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